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Being a Responsible Breeder


Thank you so much for visiting our web site. We pride ourselves in the dogs we produce as a hobby kennel.


Ultimately, we only breed when we are looking for a show prospect and breeding to breed standard. 


We do not allow home visits, as not only does it increase the chance of illness to a litter but could also affect the adults dogs. Please have a look at our Can We Visit page for further information.


We encourage you to visit us at a dog show and we will be delighted to show you the dogs we brought with us!

Team Danrich

Being a responsible breeder includes providing high quality of care, which includes:

  • Providing all dogs with quality food, clean water, proper shelter, exercise, socialization, and veterinary care.

  • Keeping dogs clean and well-groomed.

  • Safely handling puppies daily, socializing puppies with other dogs and people of appropriate ages.


Responsible breeders strive to breed dogs who are most likely to result in happy and healthy pets. They:

  • Prioritize health.

  • Screen for inheritable traits which could negatively impact puppy.

  • Only breed the heathiest, most physically sound, and well tempered dogs.

  • It is the breeder’s responsibility to ensure they are following their breed standard.

  • Provide accurate and reliable health, vaccination, and pedigree information which includes a non breeding contract.

  • Prepare an adoption/purchase contract which details the breeder’s responsibilities, adopter’s responsibilities, health guarantees, and return policy.

Responsible breeders commit to ensuring all dogs they breed are provided a good home by:

  • Using waiting lists or other strategies to assess that there are quality homes available for their dogs before breeding.

  • Committing to making a good match between the owner and the dog.

  • Becoming an ongoing resource for new owners and being able and willing to take back or rehome an animal if needed for any reason at any time.

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