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Q: Do you genetically test your dogs? 
A: Yes! Genetically tested, and all appropriate health screenings including echocardiograms on the heart are done. Please visit my page on what we test for.

Q: How much are your puppies? 
A: All of our pet puppies are $2400 and require a non refundable $400 deposit along with a signed contract.

Q: Do we get to pick our own puppy? 
A: I place by temperament, so your family life will help determine which puppy is right for you.

Q: Are your dogs CKC registered?
A: Yes, all dogs are registered through CKC on a NON BREEDING agreement. This means they are sold without breeding rights. If you are interested in Breeding Rights, please email. I do require everyone who would like full breeding rights to be active in some sort of conformation, hunt test, etc. and to earn points on their dog.  I do not sell to dilute breeders. 


Q:  Can I see the puppies parents?

A:  If they are available during your puppy pick up yes. Please note most of the boys are in the USA as breeding is done through shipped semen so there is no option to see the them, photos are posted on my web site.

Q: Can we visit the puppies? 
A: Sorry No. This is a safety measure not only for myself but for the dogs.  You simply have no idea what types of microorganisms you might bring with you.

Q: Do you have any suggestions on reading material for new puppy owners?

A: Yes, I have created a personal favorite list available on Amazon. 

Have a look to see if something is right for you!





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